Improving Performance and Reliability

Today we’re very excited to announce that we’ve deployed several improvements to our performance and reliability.

New Backend

Our back-end systems have been fully overhauled. We switched to a more reliable provider and provisioned brand new servers across the board for every one of the components that make up NoteApp. We’re very pleased to report a 27% increase in performance and 14% increase in reliability from most places in the world! Users that work with a lot of media will especially notice significant improvements in usability.

Security Reviews

As part of this system overhaul, we also completed our security review and implemented the latest best practices throughout the application. You can rest assured that your data is 100% safe when you use NoteApp in your business or at your school.

Next Steps

We’re working on some very exciting stuff! We have a UI overhaul in the works, as well as several features almost ready for release. Stay tuned!

23 September 2019

Announcing Wallpapers

Today we’ve reached one of our few major milestones — and it’s no April Fool’s joke.

Hello Wallpapers

For the longest time we’ve been known for our sleek cork background. It’s real to life, it mimics what you’d find in your office or classroom, and it’s also technically beautiful. But for some people it’s too simplistic. They’d ask: How does this fit within my company? Can I put something on the background to help me work better with my colleagues?

More Choices

Wallpapers are the first step to make the board feel, well, yours. To change your wallpaper, open a board, click on the Settings icon, then click on Board Settings. We’ve added a new Wallpaper tab the Board Settings window that will let you choose from six defaults, or upload your own background image for more customization. It even supports transparent background images like company logos or Scrum board diagrams, and lets you set a background color of choice to fill the space.

Next Steps

What’s better than being able to change your own background on the board? Being able to place board items to help you work better together. Scrum boards. Venn diagrams. Kanban outlines. Custom workflows. We’ve got some great ideas in the mix, so stay tuned and let us know what you think!

1 April 2019

Better Board Naming, and Beyond

We’re happy to announce a new feature that should make working with your team more effective: Board naming. This feature will help you better organize your boards and make you work more efficiently with your team.

Moving Toward Teamwork

When you open up one of NoteApp’s boards, initially it looks like a cork board: an array of sticky notes lovingly attached to a board where — in the physical world — you’re used to pinning things with a thumbtack. Though not the conventional cork board, this layout is surprisingly conducive to team collaboration and is the product’s greatest strength. However, where it’s sorely been lacking is a bit of customization.

It Starts With a Name

That’s why we’re happy to announce the addition of board naming. Though we have many more customization features lined up in the pipe, board naming is the first step toward better collaboration: Being able to easily tell which board is which, and sharing that with others.

You Name It

To start adding more human-friendly names to your boards, simply login to NoteApp, which will direct you to your dashboard and show you your list of boards. From there, find the board you want to name, click the all-new pencil button to start editing, type your new name and voilà! You’ve now taken advantage of the newest small-but-important NoteApp collaboration feature. It may not seem like much, but in a fast-paced work environment, the smallest improvements are some of the biggest gains.


30 January 2019

Announcing Educational Pricing

At NoteApp, we’ve long known educators use our product in the classroom, but up until now we haven’t been able to support them as well as we would have liked. We have good news however: As of today, we’ll be offering NoteApp plans at significant discounts for educators and students.

Educators Are Different

What works for business customers doesn’t always work for educators. One reason is price: most teachers don’t receive the budget to purchase the products they sorely need in the classroom. Another reason is certainty: Because our teachers aren’t gifted large budgets, they need to make sure their purchases bring their students the best possible opportunity for education.

Offering Our Support

That’s why we’ve created a completely new pricing plan just for educators. It includes:

  • Significantly lower prices.
  • More boards up front.
  • And no user limits — start using NoteApp in the classroom right away.

This is by far our best offer yet and we’re very happy to extend it.

Becoming a NoteApp Educator

Signing up is easy. If you’re not currently a member of NoteApp, take a look at our educational plans — you can sign up for free with no credit card required. If you’re already a member of one of our other plans, contact support and we’d be happy to guide you through it.

24 January 2019

¡Hola! Bom dia. Buenos Días!

NoteApp started as a personal note-taking solution based out of a second floor apartment in uptown NYC. In fact, we’ve written a whole story about it on our about page — do check it out. We’ve come a long way, and grown a lot, and we want to make sure our communication with our users does to.

Stepping Up Our Game

This is our new blog. Not only does it look fancy and fresh, but it’s also a single source for you to find the latest news and information about NoteApp. Wanna know about new features? Check here. Inquire about system maintenance? We’ll write about it. Discuss future plans? That’s right — in length.

Getting Social

Do you like Twitter? Though this blog is your cononical source for all things NoteApp, we’ll tweet each post. Follow us @NoteAppHQ to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and information.

20 January 2019