Announcing Wallpapers

Today we’ve reached one of our few major milestones — and it’s no April Fool’s joke.

Hello Wallpapers

For the longest time we’ve been known for our sleek cork background. It’s real to life, it mimics what you’d find in your office or classroom, and it’s also technically beautiful. But for some people it’s too simplistic. They’d ask: How does this fit within my company? Can I put something on the background to help me work better with my colleagues?

More Choices

Wallpapers are the first step to make the board feel, well, yours. To change your wallpaper, open a board, click on the Settings icon, then click on Board Settings. We’ve added a new Wallpaper tab the Board Settings window that will let you choose from six defaults, or upload your own background image for more customization. It even supports transparent background images like company logos or Scrum board diagrams, and lets you set a background color of choice to fill the space.

Next Steps

What’s better than being able to change your own background on the board? Being able to place board items to help you work better together. Scrum boards. Venn diagrams. Kanban outlines. Custom workflows. We’ve got some great ideas in the mix, so stay tuned and let us know what you think!

1 April 2019