For you — Or your whole team.

BoardsYour ideas shouldn't be limited, which is why our Team and Business plans allow you to create any number of boards for yourself, team and company. We do cap the initial amount to 200 boards to prevent any foul play, but if you need more just ask.
CollaboratorsWhen you make changes other viewers see them instantly. This represents the number of people who can be on a board at any one time. Choose the best plan that fits your team.
Drag-and-drop image and document pinningShare files easily with simple drag and drop. Even our free plan has space to experience how simple pinning really is.
Advanced privacy and access controlsControl how you want your boards to be accessed -- public, password protected, or private -- so you can keep your data safe.
Public URLs and advanced permissionsMake your board URLs custom and easy to remember. Also set advanced permissions so users only do what you want them to do.
Export to CSVGet your data out and use it elsewhere! An import tool is also in the works.
Board templating and copyingEasily create board templates for recurring meetings and copy them with one click, so you don't have to re-create notes every time.
Embed on public website or local intranetEasily share your board with a large group by embedding it into Sharepoint, your own public website or your local intranet.
100 Mb
5 Gb
How does the free trial work?
Cancel within your first 14 days of service and you won't be charged a dime. Afterward you'll be charged according to the plan you have chosen. You can cancel anytime.
What's different about the Personal plan?
The Personal plan is for those just getting started who want to take their note-taking online. Team and Business are for anyone who wants to see their communication skyrocket.
experience the benefits in seconds.
Justin Hunter, CEO, Hexawise
Well done on a variety of levels.
Jason Fried, 37 Signals