Improving Performance and Reliability

Today we’re very excited to announce that we’ve deployed several improvements to our performance and reliability.

New Backend

Our back-end systems have been fully overhauled. We switched to a more reliable provider and provisioned brand new servers across the board for every one of the components that make up NoteApp. We’re very pleased to report a 27% increase in performance and 14% increase in reliability from most places in the world! Users that work with a lot of media will especially notice significant improvements in usability.

Security Reviews

As part of this system overhaul, we also completed our security review and implemented the latest best practices throughout the application. You can rest assured that your data is 100% safe when you use NoteApp in your business or at your school.

Next Steps

We’re working on some very exciting stuff! We have a UI overhaul in the works, as well as several features almost ready for release. Stay tuned!

23 September 2019