¡Hola! Bom dia. Buenos Días!

NoteApp started as a personal note-taking solution based out of a second floor apartment in uptown NYC. In fact, we’ve written a whole story about it on our about page — do check it out. We’ve come a long way, and grown a lot, and we want to make sure our communication with our users does to.

Stepping Up Our Game

This is our new blog. Not only does it look fancy and fresh, but it’s also a single source for you to find the latest news and information about NoteApp. Wanna know about new features? Check here. Inquire about system maintenance? We’ll write about it. Discuss future plans? That’s right — in length.

Getting Social

Do you like Twitter? Though this blog is your cononical source for all things NoteApp, we’ll tweet each post. Follow us @NoteAppHQ to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and information.

20 January 2019